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Analyzing comprehensive data from nearly 100 college and university programs from across the United States and Canada, Esports Foundry presents a snapshot of the collegiate ecosystem taken at the end of 2021.

This report identifies important current trends that are having a big impact on the growth of the industry.


Identify the average size of collegiate facilities

Examine how accessible facilities are to students


Highlight student activities and program enrollment trends

Explore game diversity within collegiate esports


Examine accessibility of competition for new & established programs

Highlight frequency of competition within collegiate programs


Determine average funding and salaries for program directors

Uncover the revenue streams for collegiate programs


Alex Guacass

"This report is so important for so many reasons. It not only gives an insight for new colleges coming into the scene about what they need to set their program up for success, but it also gives coaches and directors an insight into what they should be focusing on and how they should be valued."

Director of Esports
Rio Grande University

Chase Neukam

"I believe that this is a transparent 3rd person perspective as to where the collegiate esports industry is right now. I strongly encourage you to read through the report to have a deeper understanding of where the industry is in collegiate esports."

Director of Esports
St Ambrose University

Mike "Moog" Aguilar

"After the initial adoption of esports developments and investments across many universities in the past several years, many have accepted risk to get ahead or stay competitive. Research like this helps ease hesitation for future universities and stabilizes many of the preexisting developments. Elevating the knowledge base of opportunities isn't exclusive to students, it requires a broad stroke of understanding across all parties. Analytics like this are invaluable to administrators to aid with making impactful decisions that protect their time and finances to ensure their programs can start, grow, and thrive."

Director of Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation
The University of Oklahoma


Trends in Collegiate Esports 2021 Year-End Report

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