A Must-Have Guide to Help Navigate The Industry: The Latest Trends In Collegiate Esports

What's happening? How does it affect you?

 At over 250+ pages, Volume 4 is our largest trends report yet! The latest version has it all, featuring updated graphs, and useful new industry insights. Analyzing comprehensive data from 120 college and university programs from across the United States and Canada, Esports Foundry presents the best look at the collegiate ecosystem from 2023 to present.



Identify the average size of collegiate facilities

Examine how accessible facilities are to students


Highlight student activities and program enrollment trends

Explore game diversity within collegiate esports


Examine accessibility of competition for new & established programs

Highlight frequency of competition within collegiate programs


Determine average funding and salaries for program directors

Uncover the revenue streams for collegiate programs



Jacob VanRyn

"The Trends in Collegiate Esports is, without a doubt, the most important compilation of research detailing what’s happening in the higher ed space that is released. Not only has it been extremely helpful personally, but I’ve also shared with numerous people when they have asked for more information on the space and industry as a whole. I can’t thank Esports Foundry enough for publishing this information annually."

Commissioner / CEO
NECC (National Esports Collegiate Conference)

Michael Wisnios

"The Trends in Collegiate Esports report has been a vital part of the Introduction to Esports and Strategies in the Esports Industry courses I have taught at Northern Illinois University. Likewise, the report has been a vital resource in helping guide school and program development as a part of the HBCU Esports League. The information is crucially important for all organizations and students that seek to better understand our community."

Director of Gaming & Innovation
Cxmmunity Media Co.

Jesse Bodony

"This report is an essential tool for anyone committed to understanding and fostering the growth of collegiate esports. With detailed research and data analysis, the report not only highlights the current state of collegiate esports but also serves as a catalyst for meaningful change."

Director of Esports
PACE University

Cora Kennedy

"Year-over-year, the Trends Report has been a foundational cornerstone for the advancement of collegiate esports as an industry. Programs and staff have, and will continue to, lean on this transformational data to advocate for themselves to internal and external stakeholders alike and, in turn, create more opportunities and success for their programs."

Director of Esports
Illinois Wesleyan University

Chase Neukam

"This is by far the most crucial piece of data provided in the academic esports space. I have used every iteration of this report since its infancy to track the lasting impact of collegiate esports and make informed decisions for my program. Years from now, this information will be historical evidence of the growth of academic esports."

Director of Esports
St. Cloud State University

Adam Antor

"The Trends in Collegiate Esports Report has positively impacted collegiate esports more than any other documentation I am aware of. Year after year, this report provides higher education invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of collegiate esports while also highlighting future trajectories within this dynamic sector."

Assistant Professor / Professional Esports Production
Ferris State University

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